A Lifetime Journey

Everybody has dreams since childhood. Whether it is becoming a movie star, a scientist, or simply a teacher etc.  I had a feeling that mine was floating around without knowing where it’s heading until that day.

“It’s raining  again”, I stood in front of the office building, looking through the small, cage-like windows. It was depressing. I walked into the building, handed over my business card to the little girl at the reception.

“Colin Guo?” She smiled at me, her teeth was so bright that nearly shined my depressions away. It cheered me up a little bit,  but I know my nightmares had just begun.

In the past 2 years, I was working as a financial advisor assistant. I learned only 2 things:

1st, always smile in front of your clients.

2nd, never go to the cafe on the first floor during lunch break.

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch”

-Orson Welles


Still in this depressing afternoon, I was eagerly searching for the only “highlight” of my day. I drove through a plaza. “En?”  I saw a sign, “Taiwan 3 Cups Chicken” in huge red letters.

“What an odd name?” I thought. But I could never resist the temptation of curiosity. I walked in without hesitation.

Sat down with the dish, all the flavors flowed around me. The sweetness of the basil, the freshness of the tender chicken, the spiciness of the garlic, and the depth of  the soy sauce. One can never imagined such simple ingredients combined results such a rich taste. That very second, I thought I saw an angel lay eyes upon me.  An idea has been hidden in my heart ever since my childhood just found its way out.

“I want to be a chef!!!”I yelled inside my head.

I want to make people happy. Food is powerful. Food can create miracles. Food can bring “tremendous positive energy” around you,  just like Justin Trudeau said when meeting the Queen of England.

As I’m typing out these words, I feel like I’m surfing in the ocean of food. Memories of delicacy keep comes back to me like waves. This is how recording and blogging can do. It marks your every step and infuses you with mind-blowing ideas and keeps you attached to the world.

Here is where Skinnytaste comes in, for me and my family, one thing we always thought about is how do you dine with taste and health. Skinnytaste does not only provide the recipes for you but also marks down every nutritional value it contains. I go check the blog everyday to see if they have develop a whole new recipe for us to try, it has become one of my habits.


Close the laptop, I look outside the window, the sun is dancing in the sky.


“What’s for lunch?”  I  wonder.








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