The First Intimate Contact

As I walked through the busy palace-like hallway, it was like going back in time to the 16th Century Rome.  The servants were walking back and forth, and the bright red oven flames lightened the enthusiasm on the chefs’ cheeks.


“Hello, Signore,  this is our menu.”


As I sat down, a handsome waiter revealed himself in front of me with a big smile.  I scanned through the menu and one dish in the appetizer section caught my eyes: “Oh, Arancini? ” I remembered I have tried quite a lot of Italian Risottos, but what would Risotto balls be like? I wondered.  Would it be like Japanese rice balls? With curiosity, I feel the urge to try out this dish.


After about 20 minutes, I saw the waiter holding a small plate walking straight  up to me. When he was just around a few meters away from me, I already started to sense the melted provolone cheese in the air.


“Here is your Arancini, please enjoy!”


The waiter left the small simple, delicate plate on the center of my table. It attracted the eyes of every customer surrounding me. On the plate, there were three charming mini golden brown balls like “sleeping beauties” lying on the soft “bed” of tomato paste below. The Parmesan cheese covering the small balls was like snow flakes on it. Their colours matched so perfectly.


I used the fork slowly piercing through the thin, crispy coat of the rice ball. Instantly, I smelt the great aromas of the tomato and chive sauce as the fork turned. They were like dancing under the sunset. I couldn’t wait any longer, I opened my mouth and in no time, the mini ball disappeared. As my teeth touch down the ground of the Arancini, at that very second, the melted provolone cheese inside the rice ball mixed with tomato sauce was like a nuclear bomb. It broke me down completely.  “OH OH OH….”, I was shouting in my mind, I felt my head started to spin. It really stimulated my taste buds.


Even after minutes, I was still carried away by the stunning aromas and sensations. I must  looked like an idiot to other customers.


“Such a smart use of Risotto, Italian cuisine is so sophisticated.” As I finally found my consciousness , I thought to myself. I was so shocked that a common ingredient can be turned into such a beautiful and absolutely miraculous piece of art.


The food tasting for today helped me have a better understanding of great food and cooking methods. It also helped me realize that mankind is so passionate about the experience of seeking great food. It really moved me. Our searching for new innovative ways to cook is endless. It should be adventurous and free.


“Don’t fear of failures when young” one great entrepreneur used to say.


This is the best time of our life, we should develop any opportunities we can find and let our minds fly freely in the universe of delicacy.


“I will be back”.


Before I left the restaurant, I didn’t forget to return a big smile to the waiter.







“Don’t fear of failures when young”  Jack Ma,  President of Alibaba Group.

Mercatto [Photograph found in Restaurant, Toronto]. (n.d.). Retrieved May 29, 2016, from

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