Hack and Slash

I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes. It felt like I was the only one at the top of the world, overwhelmed with the fruity scent.

This was not the only time I have been to the Kensington Market. Every time it gives me wonderful surprises, it never let me down. This is always the paradise to customers who love seeking for an adventure.

During the weekends, people come and go in this market, looking for food that they desire. I came to the store I regularly buy fresh fruits from.

“Hi Colin, haven’t seen you in a while”. The storekeeper, Eddie greeted me with enthusiasm.

“Yeah Eddie, I have been busy with school lately, preparing for a blog assignment”. I replied with a smile.

Not long after chatting with the storekeeper, I sank into the paradise of fruits and vegetables. As I was wandering back and forth the isles of colorful fruits. The breeze from the window carried a refreshing scent to my nose.

“Eh? I don’t think I have ever smelled anything like this…” I thought to myself.

I was like a mouse that found cheese. My nose started leading me to the mysterious whereabout.

“Wax Apple?” I saw the name on the label. I can’t imagine how apples that taste like wax would be like. I knew this attractive scent can’t be like what I think, but I just can’t help mocking (haha ^_^).


“Hey Eddie, What is this wax apple? Is it good? Where is this fruit from? I have never seen it before. How do we eat this, just wash it and eat it?”

I turned to Eddie with a bunch of questions. I think he didn’t know which question to answer me first.

Wax apple has the texture and color similar to apple, and the outer skin looks shiny as if it was waxed. It was originally cultivated from places like India, Indonesia and Malaysia. In the 17th century, the Dutch colonists in South Asia brought the fruit seeds to Taiwan. The wax apples that are sold here are imported from Taiwan. Eddie explained the details and history of the fruit to me patiently.

We kept on talking more about this unique fruit and I completely forgot how long time has passed. I got to know further that this fruit was mainly grown in the tropical regions, matures around mid May to early July.

“Eddie, I will try it. I want to get two”.I couldn’t wait to taste this fruit, I quickly took out my paper-thin wallet.

“Alrighty, it’s 6.99 +tax for two” Smiled Eddie.

Holy.. it was expensive. I surely did hesitate for a second there.

“Son, this is imported, and it is going to be sold out soon.” Eddie read my thoughts.

I stared at the bell shaped ruby-like fruit. I feel like I was looking through the entrance of heaven. Finally, I grabbed the two wax apples into my hands.

“I want to try it now, Eddie.”

“Just eat it like a regular apple, I’ll wash it  for you, just bite on it, my boy”

As I bit the wax apple. I heard the loud crisp sound as I chewed. The mouth feel was really like an apple, less sweet, but more juicy and refreshing. It was like a shower in the summer, a very natural refresher. I couldn’t stop and finished the whole fruit.


As I got home, I was still thinking about this fruit . It is  full of flavour and is definitely good for making a dish. As a future-chef, I started to think about how to infuse this special ingredient into a marvelous dish.

As I was still thinking I started to eat the other wax apple i bought, my sweetheart walked passed me and stole a small piece from my mouth. “It is quite refreshing, it tastes like a salad I tried last week”, she murmured. “Right!  this fruit is very suitable to be diced and tossed with some greens and other fruits. The mild sweetness can complement the other flavors and become the spark of a summertime salad.

It has gotten dark,  I was alone in my bed, but my mind was already miles away searching for another refreshing delight.




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