The Drops of God

After one week struggles, I, as a deeply alcohol addict, made the decision to make my first ever peach cider.

As I thought through the night,  I have read many blogs and websites to search for a perfect start point of a fresher in the business. It appeared that making cider is quite similar to making beer. Now, it has come to the conclusion that I shall make the easiest one in order to boost my confidence not to fail too many.

There was this one and only video caught my eye:


Once I made up my mind, there was the easy part: Collect ingredients and tools.



One gallon of pure peach juice

3 ripe peaches

One cup of brown sugar

1/2 packet of white wine yeast

1/3 packet of pectic enzyme




Homebrew kit from Indigo

A funnel

A measuring cup

A Juicer


“Wow”, looked at all the stuff on my counter-top, I was so excited. I knew that moment has come, “This is going to be epic!”. So basically I just put everything in the jug……and sealed it with the airlock filled with vodka.

Finally, place it in the darkest corner you can find in your room and turn on your air conditioner, hold the temperature between 68-70. Now what we have to do is wait.

During the fermenting process, you may see bubbles starting float up to the surface, the liquid will become clearer and clearer by the time passes, and the yeast will create and leave sediment at the bottom.

Normally we should wait for 2 to 3 weeks, but sometimes it depends. So you have to check from time to time. If the bubbles stop showing up, it probably has come to the end of the process. You leave it for another 2-3 days then you can start bottling your pride.

This is what the final product looks like:

I swirl the glass, the translucent liquid inside is radiating a dazzling light under the sunshine.

I sip the pint, the very moment I sensed the astonishing sweet peachy aroma mixed with intensive alcoholic sensations tried to rush down my throat.

I swallow the mouthful, the god of wine has lay his eyes on mine.

Without losing too much sweetness and flavor of the peach juice, I would say that I have accomplish my first challenge just fine.

“To water of life”, I raised my glass, the drops shine like a star.






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