Animal Kingdom

As I walked in Metro, I already sense the target I was looking for. I always have this feeling that I was born for it, I never have this feeling with meat other than this one — Pork.

Pork is clearly from pigs, or boars in some of countries. We have been eating pork for centuries, I dig a little deeper so I knew pork is probably first introduced by Chinese or far east people. There are so many parts we can take from pigs, except the meat we use for food, we can also use their bones and teeth to make tools, their hair to make brushes, their skin or hide to make shield or clothes in the early human society. Pork is one of the  most widely consume meat in the world, and China is the biggest consumer. They consume almost half of total consumed pork of the world in 2015.

Pork is kind of sweet and delicious meat compare to other meat product, it is easily cook and very difficult to make it worse than other meat. There are many parts of the pig we can eat, including the organs, they are all very tasty if you know how to cook it.

Among all the cuts, there is one thing I can never get tired of—the pork chops, even in the chops they are divided into several types: Loin chop, Rib chop, Sirloin chop, there are also so-called “Lowa chop” and “Bacon chop”. They all have their own unique flavour and texture, there is no best chop in my opinion, only matters is how you cook it.

Today, I am going for the sirloin chops. Because I am a family guy, so I will think about the value and price before I decide. This is what I get:

Sirloin chops maybe consider as one of the cheap cuts in the market, because it contains a lot of connective tissue which from the leg, not as tender as loin chops. But if you do it right, it can do the trick to make your kids happy.

Once I read about the recipe from Gordon Ramsay, pork chops with sweet and sour peppers. He used loin chop which is more tender and sweeter, but I think I will go for this one today.

  1. Season the chops with salt and pepper in both sides, then set them asideimag0529
  2. Chop onion and peppers into slices, crush garlicimag0531
  3. Heat olive oil in pan, add onion, fry them till translucent, add peppers, fry 2-3 mins, add 2 tbsps sugar, fry them till colored
  4. Add 2 tbsps red wine vinegar, and let it bubble 3-4 mins, blend in 2 tsps dry rubbed basil leaves, stir for 30 sec, place them in a bowl, set asideimag0533
  5. Wipe the pan clean with paper towel, heat butter in pan, fry chops with crush garlic and 5-6 sprigs fresh thyme till brown in both sides, in the mean time, baste chops with melted butter to speed up the cooking process (you can also put 1 tbsp butter on top of the chops, just let it melt), set chops aside to rest for 5 mins.imag0535
  6. Place onion and peppers in a plate with chops beside it.imag0537

The sweetness and sourness blended into one bite, “uh…” My wife took her chance to go with the flow. ” I want one more”, 5 mins later, the plate just went empty.

Always remember, season it overnight is the best way to make cheap cuts  flavourful.




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Pork chop with sweet and sour peppers from Gordon Ramsay


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