A Future Father And A Warm Heart

This day, my wife and I just finished an examination in a walk-in clinic, we learned that my wife has pregnant for 4 weeks already. We were so happy at the time, but after a minute some thoughts suddenly hit us: As a pregnant woman, there are so many things to look for, so many things to think about, like what can she eat, what can’t she eat. My wife’s favourites are Sushi and Sashimi, but doctor told her better to keep her distance from raw food, so she is very upset right now.

Looking at her sad face, I can imagine how hard this is going to be, she will go thru alot and yet she can’t enjoy the most delighted dish in the world for her. So I decided as a future Chef, I must act now to preserve the happiness and maintain her fond of foods. I don’t want food to disappoint her in her down moments.

When I just wrecking my brain to find the best solution and being helpless. We walked pass a Japanese Restaurant. “Ryoji” I whispered in her ears. “This one looks nice, I know the doctor said we should not eat raw food, but this is the big day, let’s get crazy for the last time, shall we?” “Hehe, if you say so” she smiled at me, finally I can see her being happy again, no way I will let that slip away from my hand.

We go in , sat down, ordered. Boom!!! These dishes are life changing. They gave me the ideas to develop a perfect diet for my wife. I can’t thank them enough, the taste and presentations are incredible as well:

Their tofu and pig ears are so special, and my wife just love their fries with the slow braised lamb shank gravy, then finish with a touch of marinaded cucumber to refresh your palate. I think this is the comfort food for us that night. Of course, a little bit Sashimi won’t hurt the appetite.

I think I know how to balance the tastes and the needs for a pregnant woman. They don’t need you to be extreme careful for every slice they consume. But they need you to provide them the best dishes at the best time.

Many pregnant women do not like greasy, oily, heavy dishes, or lots meat dishes, but they may find fries are adorable. Some women prefer sweet or sour dishes, but some may just into spicy food, but we have to be careful, too much sugar or chilies are not doing them any good, you must control the levels.

So I create my own recipes from the above food that we tried and minimize the salt and soy sauce content. Here are the recipes:

  • Steam Minced Pork with Soft Tofu and Lotus Roots.
  • Lamb Stew with Chinese Yam
  • Cucumber Salad in Sherry Vinegar and Wasabi
  • Milky Water Bass Soup (Fresh Water Bass)
  • Grill Pork Jowl with Peanut Miso Paste
  • Occasionally some home fries


Now who can say we men do not care about our wives when they are pregnant? I will carry out these recipes till the day that my child land on the realm of my kingdom.

Hooray! It is so damn good to have a Chef as husband, don’t you think so?

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